DCG Media Core - Hardware + Software Combo

We purchase and assemble all of the hardware you need into a custom unit and ship it to your office. It's easy to do your own videos and photos, saving those that outsource these services tens of thousands of dollars a year. Take control of your business with the DCG Media Core Combo. We'll attend your events to ensure a smooth transition for your competition.

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Hardware and Software Combo

It is time all competitions started doing their photos and videos in-house. The technology to make it easy is now available. You sell time on stage, merchandise, and photos/videos. Most competitions have turned selling photos/videos into an expense. This does not need to be the case. It should be a revenue stream, or, for those doing media fees, a minimal cost.

Read the information below to see just how easy it is to bring this in-house and boost your profits to new heights, without the need to add any new locations.

Everything you need shipped right to your door

DCG Media Core!

This powerful unit is the future of competition media. It's pre-wired and pre-assembled, then shipped to your office. Plug in your video using CAT6, your audio using XLR and power it up. It will record your performance videos, video critiques and manage your photos.

Powerful PTZ Camera

We partnered up with an incredible camera company to ensure perfect calibration with our software. The days of standing and manning a large complicated camera are over. The camera is controlled with an Xbox controller for super smooth panning and zooming.

Automated Photo Organization

Automated Photo Organization

There is no need to spend hours organizing photos after the event as this is all done automatically during the competition. The photographer just needs to shoot photos and never needs to worry about what routine is on stage.

Automated Video Critiques

Automated Video Critiques

Our software will automatically create and store a video with judge audio for each judge on the panel. No post-production is needed. The audio will always be perfectly synced to the video and you can send to studios with the click of a button. Our software can upload and deliver 500 routines in 1-2 hours, depending on your internet connection.

Instant Delivery!

Instant Delivery!

Our unique set up will allow you to send photos and videos to parents during the competition. This is the future of dance media. Watch them view and share their photos right after the routines leave the stage in little huddles around the venue. They can then share these across social media, helping promote your competition with family and friends, while the excitement level is maximized.

Lobby and Backstage Monitors!

Lobby and Backstage Monitors!

Keep people engaged by publishing content to wall displays around the venue. Run a slideshow of your best photos, a live video feed, your schedule, announcements and more. You can run multiple monitors so you have a unique set in the lobby and another backstage.

Our Team Will Service Your Locations

You can hire us full time for each of your locations, or for just a few. We want to work with you to help you transition your business into an in-house model and will work with you each step of the way. We offer full-service photo and video packages where we come in and do all of this for you. The staff are not randomly contracted but part of the DCG Media Team and provide excellent results consistently.

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Our software has been utilized at more than 15 000 dance competitions hosted by over 250 unique event producers. Discover how the world’s biggest competitions run a smoother business, stay more organized, and make more money with DanceComp Genie.

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