With over 30 years of experience in the competition industry we understand the needs of the Directors and Instructors as well as what it takes for us to manage a company in the competition industry. When looking for a detailed system that is client friendly and customized to our needs; DanceComp Genie and Inchol Solutions was the answer. While working with the professional and detailed staff they assisted us in creating our customized program for Mark of Excellence National Talent. We are very happy with the support team from the beginning processes to the completed product. We know our clients expect a high quality level at our competition and DanceComp Genie and Inchol Solutions parallel the same high quality. We find it a great match !!
- LaRon Higgins--Co Owner/Executive Director Randy Kalis--Co Owner/Executive Director
In the beginning when we first started with DCG, we knew nothing about registration systems. Their system is really very user friendly. We found that many of our clients used the system when registering for other events. This is one of the reasons we went with this system. The most important reason was because of their "help" desk. The support that they offer to clients that are not as computer savvy, and are needier.
DEA has a mandatory convention to be registered for the competition. Chris and Elliot expanded the the system to encompass our business rules. I found that the customized features that we did, have been very reasonably priced and completed in a timely fashion.
Dealing with Chis Wang and Elliot Malman has been a very pleasant experience. Both are very attuned to the needs of the client. For me, I do not have any computer background, and sometimes it takes Chris some time to understand the needs of the organization. As you know, the dance business in all aspects does not always operate with the best business sense. Dance teachers are notoriously late and do not always function well with in the computer age. Chris will always work with me until we are both satisfied that the out come will be what DEA needs. Elliot has been able to handle the Spanish version for DEA. The translation has been terrific.
Jane Say, the main costumer service person, is the BEST. She is patient and responds in a timely fashion. The expedited service that you can now purchase is very reasonable. This is a service that ensures any problem that does crop up, DCG will respond within 5 minutes. During the season this can be invaluable. They will respond 7 days a week.
Now that we are using the tabulation system our man power has been cut to the MC and a city manager. The new scoring system is amazing. I can tell that this summer I showed it to Rhee Gold, at one of our Nationals and the first thing he looked at us and said was "Wow that just cut the man power to a skeleton crew". This system is a "dream" for the business of the competition world.
The new app is loved by DEA's patrons. Real time schedule … etc. the information is open for all to see. We print no programs and with click of a button the patrons have all the information that they need to make the weekend run very smooth for them. I recommend this system to any have one that wants their event to run smoother and have compete ease for their clients during the registration process.
- Fran Peters - President - Dance Educators of America

As the first and only Dance competition in Australia to be using Dance Comp Genie we have found that it has made our registration so much easier. From being able to take registrations 24/7 and being able to monitor the registrations with its fantastic features, it has eliminated us having to chase payments, no more paper entries, no more mistakes in registrations. 

Dance Comp Genie are always on hand to assist you when you have a question and with us being on the other side of the world in a different time zone they have always been accommodating and been there when we needed them. Even if you are not computer tech savvy, they have been able to talk you through any issue that has been corrected.

- Peter Oxford
Being in the competition industry for over 20 years, I have been deeply involved with the software side in producing events.  In 2011 when I chose to create my own event I looked to DanceComp Genie and Inchol Solutions.  This decision was one of the best decisions I made while searching for a wonderful company that could provide me with a quality established product.  I decided to make the trip to Canada to meet the staff and they took the time to make me feel like a part of their family.  They listened to my needs and came up with a personalized program that is just INCREDIBLE.  I was extremely impressed with their kindness and determination to make the software perfect for my company and my certain needs.  They have been able to meet all of my requests in a timely manner and with complete professionalism.  I know I can always count on their superior customer service to help if needed,  which gives me peace of mind.  I highly recommend Inchol Solutions and DanceComp Genie to others in the industry who may want to work with a company that is excellent in its field.  They understand the needs of dance competitions and conventions and will do whatever it takes to provide you with quality software that meets your expectations. Congratulations DanceComp Genie on creating an outstanding product that is making a difference in our industry today!
- Darin Troglia - CEO and Owner - Tribute National Talent
This is our third year using DanceComp Genie...Here are Five things it will do for you.  

1. It will greatly reduce your workload  
2. It will make it easier and more efficient for teachers to register for your events
3. It will increase your entries because studios like the ease of being able to transfer entries from one competition to another that uses the DanceComp Genie system
4. It will improve your accuracy in scheduling and tabulation so you can focus on customer service
5. It will allow you to give time to your family and have some time for yourself which is so important to your success.

We have been very pleased with DanceComp Genie from the start, the customer service they offer is top notch, they are quick to reply and are always helpful even when you are in a panic they help you to feel at ease.  This system has enabled us to grow, adapt, and make improvements keeping our customers happy. 

- Will Shover
We began using the DanceComp Genie software for our competition three years ago.  We started with just the Registration system, upgraded to the Tabulation system the next year and this year we are now using the Tabulator Plus system to encompass our video critiques.  DanceComp Genie has changed our lives for the better!  With registration, schedule, tabulation and critiques all in one system we have found our work load to be dramatically reduced.  The training and tech support are top notch and I feel secure knowing that they are always ready and able to help when we need it.  Hats off to DanceComp Genie!
- Melissa Westphal
We cannot truly express how pleased we are with our Dance Comp Genie Registration System! They worked diligently to get us exactly what we needed and more.  The time it has saved our office is amazing and the customer service is the best.  I have to say I was a little nervous because customer service is always a problem these days and we have truly been beyond pleased.  I would highly recommend Dance Comp Genie for both products and service. You definitely granted all of our wishes! 
- Shani
We started Backstage Performing Arts Competition almost 5 years ago and were on the hunt for software that would enable us to eliminate paper registrations, integrate registration with scheduling and tabulation, and be very user friendly for us as well as all of our dance studio clients.  Dance Comp Genie has done just that!  This software is versatile and customizable which allows us to continue to be unique!  The staff at DCG in a word…AMAZING!  They understand the industry which is priceless to us, they are easy to work with, friendly, caring and responsive!   We couldn’t ask for anything more.  Thank you Dance Comp Genie – it has been a great ride so far and we look forward to many more years with you!
- Tara
As director of 5-6-7-8 Showtime Inc with dance conventions and competitions across Canada since 1994, I always strive to improve our services and products. For our 2009 – 2010 season, we introduced our first online form designed by DanceComp Genie. Initially, I was concerned that clients would be reluctant to utilize the online form so the first year clients were given the option to submit the printable form or the online form. To my surprise, more than 95% of clients opted for the online form which is actually easier and faster to complete. From my perspective, the online form was more efficient administratively and for accounting purposes. It eliminated the need for data entry; the information was always accurate and complete, and there was no need to drive an hour to the bank to make deposits. In short, it actually reduced our costs while improving our services and our products.
- Mona D'Amours

On The Floor LOVES Dance Comp Genie!

Being that we are a newer dance competition, finding the right software company was at the top of our list.  We needed a company that was going to be able to support us from our start up stages right up until our events.  DanceComp Genie has done just that!  They have supported us from the beginning which in turn has kept us from having to deal with any technical issues and or glitches.      

We have always been able to contact them for any questions and/or support and their customer service is second to none.  We couldn't be happier with the choice we made to work with Dance Comp Genie and we look forward to growing our company with their products and services.

- Lisa Hupe
We love the fact that studios can access everything online from registrations to payments to uploading their music to critiques.  It simplifies everything for everyone and you don't have to worry about hauling around tons of paper.  You can access your account from anywhere!  This is the way of the future for Dance Competitions!
- Dana Tinkler and Sarena Roubideaux
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