About the DanceComp Genie

One Account for Everyone

Below you will find specific descriptions of the features the DanceComp Genie account. A DanceComp Genie account can be used by dancers, parents, studio owners, competition owners, convention owners and the retail companies that work within the dance scene. The account is free for all and depending on your role in the dance industry, should provide you with the tools you need to grow your business and/or dance career.

Studio Owners

As a studio owner, you can now collect registration for your dance classes online. This free account is a great way to increase you class registrations. Parents will enjoy  the ease of registering for your dance studio from home. You can use the control panel to set limits and minimums for your open classes, to avoid having them over or under booked. Now that you have all your student details saved into your account, you can easily register for competitions come competition season. To use your account for competition season, all you need to do is visit the dance competitions website, log into their registration system using your same DanceComp Genie account and submit your routines. The routines can be created at the time of registration or in advance by saving them to your studios account. If you are bringing the same routine to 2 competitions, then you can do a quick transfer between the 2 competitions. This will surely save your dance studio a lot time over the course of the entire dance year.

Competition or Convention Owners

As the owner of a dance event (competitions, conventions, camps, intensive, cheer and drill team events) you can use the DanceComp Genie to help save time with planning and event management. Using the Online Registration software you will be able to offer competition or convention registration directly on your website. Once the registrations are collected you can then transfer the information into the DanceComp Genie Scheduler and build your event schedule. Once you have the schedule finalized it will automatically transfer into the DanceComp Genie Tabulation system. And once you have entered all of the results into the tabulation system, it will automatically generate printable reports that cover details such as "Adjudication Announcements" or "Top Studios". In total, the system generates 15 unique reports the cover various elements of information. This system is already being used successfully by many businesses across North America. Just as the Studio center will save studio owners time, this system will save you time and help improve your record keeping and organization.

Parents and Dancers

Parents using the DanceComp Genie will enjoy many features. You will be able to register your children to dance classes from any local studio using the network. Simply log into your account, search for a studio in your city, browse their available classes and register. All registration history will be saved for future reference. No longer will you need to set up a time to drive to the studio, check availability to the classes and register. From the comfort of your home, you can manage you child's extra curricular activities. This should result in more family dinners for parents wishing they had just a little more time available in the week.

Thank you to the Dance Community

We could not have built such an incredible network without all the suggestions and feedback from the dance community. In order to build a network that meets the individual needs of each segment of the dance industry, it takes a lot of listening. To work with such an outgoing and creative group of artists and businesses, has been a real treat. We hope you can join in the discussions taking place in the Support Center. This is where all the brainstorming and ideas will unfold, which in turn, will shape the future of the DanceComp Genie.

Sign up today and take this baby for a test drive, we know you'll enjoy the ride!


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