• "We are gratEful to have
  • such a unique program
  • that is reliable and built
  • just how we wanted it!"
Starpower and the Star Dance Alliance were founded by Gary Pate and Grace Wakefield in 1988. Gary and Grace have held almost every title in the dance industry. Both have been students, teachers, professional performers, studio owners, parents, and, for over 25 years, competition owners. They put their expertise together to provide a safe and fun environment for dancers worldwide.
DCG is a wonderful product! They tailored our Registration System and Tabulation System to fit our needs and have worked with us professionally and closely every step of the way. We are grateful to have such a unique program that is reliable and built just how we wanted it!
- Star Dance Alliance

The Roots

DanceComp Genie began working with Starpower in 2012. Starpower was growing rapidly and adding new brands into the Star Dance Alliance, new locations, and more staff members every off-season. They needed a unified software platform to assist in stabilizing their growth and take the business, and the Star Dance Alliance, to new heights!

The Star Dance Alliance

The Star Dance Alliance is comprised of 10 leading event companies

Success from Day 1

Since partnering up with DanceComp Genie the Star Dance Alliance has launched multiple sister companies and now host over 200 locations. They host locations in almost all 50 states, and internationally in the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.


Starpower and the Star Dance Alliance brands use customized versions of these great DCG products:

DCG Registration
DCG Scheduling
DCG Tabulation
DCG Video
DCG Studio Account Technologies
DCG Database Technologies

A Fortified Foundation

Before working with DanceComp Genie, one for the biggest challenges for the SDA companies was shipping the paperwork back and forth for every location and keeping the information up-to-date with any changes being made. This no longer an issue with their automated unified management system by DCG. It is much easier for staff across the country to work together, enabling the SDA brands to extend their reach further than ever.
“It has been a long road and a lot of work, but we are finally ironing out everything and have a wonderful, working system! Our system is very complex, and they have met all our needs ... and then some!”
- Starpower

Benefits for Studios and Dancers

A major change was made to the ways studios and dancers interacted with the many brands within the Star Dance Alliance. DanceComp Genie created a unified studio center for the studios to share and receive data across all of the different brands. Studios can now transfer routines and dancers to multiple websites. On top of this they can receive schedules, results, and video critiques directly into their online SDA account. One account gets customers access to all 10 companies within the SDA!
“Studios have complimented how easy it is to register and transfer entries to our other companies.”
- Starpower
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