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Elite Dance Callenge was founded in 2010 by Sandra Walsh. Since selling her dance studio in 2008, she combined her experience as a travel consultant, dance instructor, dancer, pageant judge, and event planner, to embark on running Elite Dance Challenge - which is now in its 5th year!
Dance studios enjoy using Dance Comp Genie software. It is easy to use. If they have used it before then all of their dancer's names & information are stored for them. If they are attending another competition that is using DCG software they can transfer their routines with a click of a button!

The Roots

DanceComp Genie began working Elite Dance Challenge in 2010 when Sandra Walsh embarked on her new business. She has working with us been from the beginning! A beginning that started with 4 regionals and 1 national event, the first competition was held in 2011.
The Dance Comp Genie development team is very easy to work with. They keep you updated on their progress weekly. The support team is terrific! They are on duty nights & weekends.
- Sandra Walsh - Elite Dance Challenge

From Startup to Success

Using DanceComp Genie software allowed Sandra, and the Elite Dance Challenge team, to focus on their clients and growing their business. Today EDC hosts 9 regional locations, 1 national location. Some locations are now begining to host conventions and workshop classes!

5 Keys to Success

1. By connecting to the DCG Studio Center, Elite Dance Challenge was immediately connected to almost 15 000 dance studios.
2. The studios were familiar with the entire registration process making it easy for them to connect and attend Elite Dance Challenge locations.
3. Scheduling routines was fast and scoring was precise, allowing the event to run on time and smoothly for everyone involved.
4. The money and time saved by using the proven DanceComp Genie software system went back to the customer.
5. First impressions are very important for new competitions. DanceComp Genie allowed Elite Dance Challenge to become a very popular 'fan-favorite' competition from day 1!


Elite Dance Challenge users the following product:

DCG Registration
DCG Scheduling
DCG Tabulation
DCG Convention

Meet the Owner

Sandra Walsh

"I was so shy growing up that if someone talked to me I'd hide my face so my mom started me dancing at age 2. By age 8, I was given my first solo, which was a rarity at my studio. By age 13, I began teaching.

In college, I studied Travel and Tourism and also taught at a second dance studio. To earn money for college, I completed in the Miss Massachusetts and Miss Rhode Island America Pageants. In later years, I became a certified judge and ran local pageants.

After graduating from college, I was chosen by Brown University to be a dance educator. In 1998, I opened my own Dance Studio and our competition team traveled around the country competing and performing."

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