The most affordable solution for providing video adjudication
DanceComp Genie Video and DCG Tabulation Plus are, hands-down, the most affordable way to provide video adjudication to your studios and performance videos for your attendees. It’s fully automated and very easy to use. Just plug-in, record videos, and send out.
Feedback Two Solutions Automated Quality
Professional feedback from
judges to dancers
DCG Video
or Tabulation+
Automated post-production editing
and online distribution
Supports HD
camera recording
High Quality Videos At An Affordable Cost
Take control. Record your own videos, it’s affordable and easy!
Step 1 - Purchase the Hardware
In order to use the software you will need a USB microphone for each judge, a camera and a USB hub
Step 2 – Install the Software
Install the software on your computer from our website link. This can be the stand-alone DCG Video software, or the popular DCG Tabulation + Video 2-in-1 product.
Step 3 – Plug-In and Record
Plug your USB microphones into the USB hub, and the hub into the main computer for the audio signal. Plug your camera into the main computer for the video signal. Open the software, select the devices and start recording. It’s that easy!
Step 4 – Post Production and Distribution
The software will automatically sync your audio with the video so after the competition is complete, you can drop the video files onto a USB drive, burn to a CD, or, click send to have the software email the videos out.
Web Cams to Hollywood Cameras
The software will support any quality you wish. Depending on your budget, you can setup with a simple web-cam for recording or an expensive high-end production camera. The choice is yours!
Two Versions – DCG Video and Tab+
The software is available in two versions. DCG Video is a stand-alone program that can be used to record video critiques and performance videos in HD. DCG Tabulation Plus is a 2-in-1 product for that includes the DCG Tabulation software with video judge critique recording.
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