for dance competitions and festivals
DanceComp Genie Schedule is a manual and automated schedule builder for your dance competition or festival. Reduce scheduling time from at a week to just one day. Companies are always amazed by how easy it is for them to use and how fast they can get their schedule out.
Scheduling Conflicts Fast Delivery
The best way to build
your event schedule
Catch and resolve
scheduling conflicts
Create your schedule and
send out within the same day
Send the schedule to all studios
with the click of a button
Spend Less Time Scheduling and
More Time Managing Your Business
Scheduling your event has never been easier!
Automatic Scheduling
If you’re tired of building your schedule manually, you can use our auto-scheduling function. Once you set your scheduling rules and parameters, click the ‘Auto-Schedule’ button and let the software do the heavy lifting.
Manual Scheduling - Click-And-Drag
For a more hands-on approach you can click and drag routines, or entire categories, around to build your schedule. There are multiple ways to sort and group routines together.
Scheduling Conflict Notification
Setup conflict notifications and have the software catch any potential scheduling issues, then use the software to quickly adjust the schedule to resolve them. Fast, smart and easy to use. This is a great tool that will help you stay on schedule during any live event. Catch conflicts in advance, no more last minute surprises!
Send to Studios
Send out your pre-schedule or finalized schedule to studios from
inside the software. With the click of a button, the software will
email each studio a personalized email and schedule of their entries.
Sessions for Days and Rooms
Setup an unlimited amount of Sessions to build different schedules for each of the days, or rooms, of your location.
Reports, Program Books and Labels
DCG Schedule has powerful reporting tools deisgned to build your schedules for web and print. Each report can be used as a section of your program book. If you need an easy process for creating labels, the reporting section will let you setup multiple sets of labels for print.
Routines can be re-scheduled into multiple sessions before, during and after they have performed. This is a great way to host a finals session or a special dance-off.
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