for dance competitions, studios and dancers
Staying on schedule and connecting with your customers has never been easier thanks to DanceComp Genies Event app! Load your locations and provide a live schedule that stays updated if you make changes. Post announcements for the audience, results, critiques, photos and much more. Studios and dancers can activate locations from inside the app, creating a brand new revenue stream for your business.
Search Updates Reminders Announcements
Studios can search and access
all of your locations
Display competitions schedules
in real-time
Reminds dancers to prepare
for each routine
Send announcement that
pop-up on users phones
Your Dance Competition Will Never Be The Same.
A 'Must-Have' Tool for Studios, Dancers and Attendees.
Display a Live Schedule
As the competition schedule changes through-out the event, the app will update itself to the latest schedule. You can also update the schedule inside the app manually.
Routine reminders
Studio, dancers and families can open the app and save routines to their own personal compatition schedule. The DCG Event's app will reminder the user before each routine is set to perform, even with changes to the schedule.
Photo Streaming 
Connect to Instagram or load up to 9 photos at a directly into the app's Photo Stream tool to give users a backstage pass to your locations. Users can 'heart', comment, and share photos from inside the app.
Audience Voting
Create an Audience Choice Award and bring the audience into the competition This is just tool, of many, that were designed to provide more entertainment to the attendees.
Entertain the Audience
When the audience or dancers are waiting for their next routine, they can read interesting articles and stories in the Knowledge section. Brand new content is uploaded from our team of writers.
Judge and staff Bios
Share info about your awesome adjudicators and staff memebers. Staff member bios will help studios and dancers find the person to speak with. Optional, built in, communication tools are available to help studio's connect with your staff from inside the app.
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